I wanted to write an extended version of my story and how I came up with the idea of PureJoy Drinks - not only so you could better understand who I am as a CEO/Founder of this business, but to help others on their entrepreneurship journey.

Starting a business is not easy and definitely not for everyone. For those who have the entrepreneurship spirit in them, that ‘spark’, or those ideas that fuel the desire to create something, I applaud you. You are already a step ahead whether you realize it or not. No one can possibly prepare you for the challenges you will face, the ups and downs of it all, and the pressure of the unknown that lies on your shoulders. Even with all the hardships, there is a need to power through, push on, and figure it out because you can’t imagine your life without it all. You really crave it.

That’s what I feel on a daily basis as I navigate the business world from the ground up. It’s an addicting feeling that makes you not give up even at your lowest of lows. Don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT of low points, especially at the stage I’m in right now and I think that’s part of the reason I wanted to write this. I want to be as transparent as possible with you all and tell you not just about the joys of starting a business, but also about the shitty stuff that happens alongside it.

I’ve had more breakdowns, sleepless nights, and anxiety trying to launch PureJoy. I absolutely LOVE everything I am doing, but there is a constant voice in my head that goes through all the ‘what-if’s’ and makes me question whether to keep going sometimes. But I have too. I know PureJoy is meant to be more than just a drink business - it’s meant to help others. I know a lot of people say that about their business (because if you create something it should help people right?), so you may not believe me just yet. That's okay though - I hope in time, I not only prove it to you but to myself also. I will not stop until PureJoy is a household name and doing good for women all around the world. 

Our vision: A community of support focused on overall female health—body and mind.
Our mission: We're here for that thirst, drenching your mind and body with healthy positivity. Pure Joy is a sisterhood of bold confidence and beautiful ambition. By women for women. 

I encourage anyone who wants to create something, whether it’s a product or service, to just start. Write down your ideas, tell people about them, and start carving pathways to make your idea come to life. You will question it over and over again and probably think it won’t go anywhere, but trust me, if you keep at it, months from now, years from now, you will look back and be proud you started. Even if your idea isn’t what takes you to that next level or you fail a 100 times, you still TRIED and that is HUGE!

You don’t need some crazy, innovative idea to immerse yourself into the world of entrepreneurship. You just need the grit and passion behind your idea to get to the next level. Two years ago, I had the idea for PureJoy drinks. It took me over a year to even find resources to help me create the actual product (production facilities, food scientists, canning companies).

It took me another whole year to see the product actually come to life in a physical form, start the branding, and find people to help me get it started. And guess what? I have SO much more to do from here and SO many challenges I still need to face. My current one: getting these drinks to actually sell. But nonetheless, at the end of the day, PureJoy is the reason I get up in the mornings and the reason I keep going despite all of the setbacks and hard moments. It is that addicting feeling that I can’t shake. So if you have that spark inside you, please do something about it. Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone, but the world needs more of it. 

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments. I would love to help! madison@drinkpurejoy.com

Xx Madi 

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Written by Madison McLeary

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