Are you sick of having heart palpitations, anxiety, upset stomach, sugar rushes and the crash from other energy drinks on the market, that leave you feeling like a red flag to your mind and body? We are too.

We believe in being transparent and putting your well-being first. That's why PureJoy drinks are free from sucralose (an artificial sweetener), and instead use juice concentrates to naturally enhance flavors and colors. We've carefully chosen our ingredients to ensure a delightful taste without compromising your health.

When it comes to caffeine, we've struck the perfect balance. PureJoy provides 120mg clean, green tea caffeine, providing a refreshing boost without overwhelming your system like other drinks that pack a whopping 200 mg or more.

And...let's face it, those "under 10 calories" drink claims often come with a side of deception. At PureJoy, we believe in honesty and authenticity. That's why we keep our sugar content low, with just 6 grams derived from our juice concentrates and natural sweeteners. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and embrace pure, natural goodness.

PureJoy takes pride in using malic acid, which regulates our acidity, instead of citric acid and other undesirable preservatives. We believe in keeping our beverages as clean and pure as possible, without compromising the taste or quality.

But that's not all! We've carefully selected essential vitamins that truly benefit your well-being. In our Uplift blend, we've included vitamins B6 and B12, vital for energy and cognitive function. In our Unwind blend, we've enriched it with magnesium, known for its relaxation benefits. We've skipped unnecessary additions like folate, zinc, and vitamin D, focusing only on what truly matters for your health and happiness. You get enough of those already!

And let's not forget our exceptional nootropic ingredients. We source the highest quality L-Theanine, Panax Ginseng, and Ginkgo Biloba to provide you with an extra cognitive boost - all USA sourced and batched. These premium ingredients are meticulously chosen to support your mental clarity and focus. At PureJoy, we are passionate about women's health, and it's our mission to offer you drinks that cater to your unique needs.

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Unlike other big players in the industry, we refuse to prey on marketing strategies that exploit women. Instead, we prioritize your health and cater to your specific needs. We are a company founded by women, for women, but we welcome all like-minded individuals to join our community.

Trust us, your mind, body, and taste buds will thank you. Remember, life is too short for 'meh' drinks. It's time to raise a glass and embrace the PureJoy revolution!

Cheers to a life filled with vibrant energy, natural goodness, and endless smiles.


Written by Madison McLeary